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Connecting your sales data to Nory
Connecting your sales data to Nory

Integrate your POS system to Nory and get a 360 degree view on your business performance.

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Why would I do this?

A massive part of planning and managing your restaurants’ operations is tied to your
sales. No doubt you ask yourself questions like:

  1. How have my sales been the last few (insert any day of the week)?

  2. When are my busy periods or quiet period?

  3. Are my sales up or down vs last week, month or year?

  4. How much will we sell in Location A this or next week?

  5. What is my COL% so far this week?

  6. What was my GP% last week?

  7. How much of my sales does food waste represent?

We could go on.. but we won’t. We will just say it’s time to hook up that POS!

By connecting your POS to Nory you will get a full picture of not only your historical
and future sales from Nory’s AI sales forecasting, but you will get
a clear view on how the rest of your business is really performing in real-time.

When your POS is connected to Nory you can avail of the full depth of Nory’s feature
set, from demand forecasting to labour modelling, auto-scheduling and performance
insights. You can also get a real-time view of your stock usage and waste and GP%.

It’s a flash P&L where and when your teams need it.

Ok that’s awesome, how do I do it?

Nory partners with leading EPOS providers around the world, simply reach out to our
Customer Success team and ask if we work with your provider.

If we do, then we can get you setup in no time.

If we don’t then we can book a call to discuss options, we might be able to schedule
the integration in a few weeks or suggest an alternative provider. Either way, we’ll do
our best to make sure you get the most out of Nory.

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