Creating a Schedule
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Creating a Schedule

A big part of staffing your restaurant is creating a schedule! Who would have known, right!?

At Nory, one of our key goals is to make this process as quick and as effective as possible. We even go as far as enabling you to create schedules with one click, but we will get to that.

To create your schedule, click on the Schedule icon on your homepage.

Now select the location you want to create a schedule for.

Select the week you want to schedule using the calendar navigation.

On the top of the schedule you will see People, Positions and Stations. The reason for this is we want to give you a visual on the coverage of your restaurant by Position and Station alongside the needs of your team. Be that contracted hours or time off requests.

You can create your schedule using any or all of these three views.

Along the top row you will see numbers below each date. This is your forecasted sales. If you think we have over or under forecasted you can click on the figure and adjust it.

Along the bottom row you will see the total number of hours for each shift you have scheduled on that day. You will also see your Cost of Labour as a percentage of that day's revenue forecast. This helps you stay within your labour targets each day when you are creating schedules. If you have gone over your labour target the Cost of Labour total will be highlighted in red...

and you will see a notification of the percentage at the top of the schedule.

Below each employee name you will also see the total number of hours they are scheduled to work for that week and the number of hours they are contracted to work for. This helps ensure that each employee gets scheduled for the correct number of hours and ensures that you don’t over or under schedule employees.

Creating your first schedule

Let’s start with People! Click on the shift you want to fill across from the person you want to work the shift.

You will then complete a form with the details of the shift.

You will now see this shift has appeared on the schedule.

Duplicating Shifts

We understand that many shifts will be repeated throughout the week. If you wish to duplicate a shift you can select the green copy button at the bottom of the shift. This will populate the shift to the right with the same details. You can then drag this shift to a different time slot or to a different staff member.

Popular Shifts

Many shift times are the same each day. For an early-riser’s coffee shop that might be 6am to 2pm, or 2pm - 10pm for a fast casual venue. To help you save time when creating schedules Nory has Popular Shifts. If certain shift times feature often in your schedule you can create them as a popular shift and simply drag and drop them into your schedule.

On your schedule click Add a Shift to the right of the schedule.

Then type in the shift time and click the blue check to confirm.

Now that you have created the shift, simply drag and drop it onto the shift in the schedule you want to fill.

Editing and deleting shifts

Things don’t always go to plan, we understand that! An employee’s availability might change or you might need to change the length of a shift if your staffing needs change. Editing or deleting a shift is easy to do. Simply click on the shift you want to change and adjust the details of the shift and click Save changes.

To delete a shift click Delete Shift and click Yes.

Quick Edits

Just need to change the hour or station of a shift? You can make a quick edit by clicking directly on the shift time or station (not the pencil) on the schedule.

You can then select a different station or adjust the time. Confirm by selecting the blue tick.


The Positions view lets you see your schedule by the employee’s job title. This helps ensure you have the right balance of experience and responsibility scheduled for each shift.

You can also add shifts from this view. Simply click on the time slot you want filled and complete the form.

You can also use the duplicate shift and popular shifts feature to create schedules from this view too.


The Stations view lets you see the schedule by the role an employee will be performing during the shift. This helps ensure each workstation at your restaurant is covered for a shift.

You can also add shifts from this view. Simply click on the time slot you want filled and complete the form.

You can also use the duplicate shift and popular shifts feature to create schedules from the Stations view too.

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